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Kiana Lodge Fall Wedding

Posted on: March 7th, 2017 by melanie No Comments

Beautiful autumn flowers are blooming in abundance this time of year. We especially love the trailing hops available only in the fall. Vines with their loose, twisting, trailing nature give the relaxed garden feel we are always longing for. Our Brides billowy veil and gorgeous custom gown, made with gold thread, is the perfect foil for a bit of hops and lush cafe dahlia, garden rose bouquet. Maris events handles all the many details from Pashmina shawls to carnival games, even a fortune teller. Kiana lodge is always the perfect backdrop for a northwest wedding, the lodge, the sound, the garden, the forest, you have it all. View More:


the brides bouquet made for garden roses, lisianthus, hops, snowberries, cafe a laut dahlias and ranunculus

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The ceremony backdrop was the sound itself so we added a bit of drama to the beginning of the aisle with large arrangements in grey urns and rustic farm house lanterns.


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Brides maids bouquets


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The atrium at Kiana lodge was set with farm tables, vintage china and neutral table runners. Long tables need lots of decor so we started with compote arrangements filled with garden roses, vines, crabapple branches, rusty mums, lisianthus and lots of foliage. Between the compotes we placed terra cotta and wire baskets with masses of cafe dahlias. Little bottles of ranunculus and gold votive candles finish the look.

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Lily of the Valley Bridal Bouquet

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One of my favorite flowers is Lily of the Valley, the quintessential flower of British wedding flowers. I had never seen one until we moved to a new home when I was about 12. A tiny patch bloomed by the front door every May, somewhat hidden by baby tears and camellia bushes. Now that I live on Bainbridge Island, where Lily of the Valley are easy to grow, my patch of flowers is spreading like mad. But if you want them in your brides bouquet they are still quite special.

The tiny white bells are sold in bunches of 10 with their bright green leaves, they wilt like mad and are super expensive. So  when a bride getting married in August wants a brides bouquet just like Catherine Middelton carried any florist would cringe just a little. But we are always up for a challenge especially if it is a flower close to our heart. For our version of the famous bouquet we used 80 stems of individually wired lilies, freesia, sweet william, myrtle and a few rose buds.

lily of the valley brides bouquet



sodo park wedding flowers

Of course we have may people to thank for such a wonderful day

A Beautiful Day Photography

MG Davis Events

SODO Park-Herban Feast


Christmas Wedding

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So what shall we do on the last day of the year? How about remembering a christmas wedding at Newcastle Golf Club last December. The bride wanted a winter wonderland wedding so that is what we did. Melody Davis at MG Davis Events and I designed the decor form table cloths to Christmas trees. We used the unusual accent color of lavender for the flowers, it blended so well with all the textures and trees.

Thanks to Azzura Photography for the wonderful Photos

Newcastle golf club wedding, bride and groom

brides bouquets, bridesmaids bouquets, winter flowers

brides bouquet, brides maids bouquet, flower girl

winter wedding, ceremony flowers and decor

details for a wedding, ceremony decor, winter wedding flowers

wedding flowers, head table decor, winter flowers

wedding centerpieces, silver and lavender flowers

Christmas trees for escort cards

Floral display on vintage limo

hair flowers, flower girl, flower crowm

Poulsbo Wedding

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My bride, Amy, has a love affair with ranunculus. So do I. We purchased as many blooms as budget would allow and then re used the ceremony vases for the wedding reception. The day was super hot and the sunny colors were just perfect. Amy and Josh were my fist couple to use my Chuppah, which had a family heirloom as a liner.cream bridal bouquet

aisle flowers and chuppah

ranunculus yellow and orange for an ailse

wedding party dressed in blue

airplane banner mozletov

Mazel Tov Amy and Josh

photo’s by northern lights photography

Herban Feast Wedding

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bride and groom arriving at herban feast wedding reception

john and joseph photography

Karen and Chuck are recent UW graduates and held their lovely Christmass wedding at the Catholic Church on the UW Campus. Karen needed to sick with the Chinese tradition of no white flowers for a wedding. She loves mini calla lilies and chrysanthemums so we chose mini callas for her bouquet and mums for the aisle decor. Lavender is an unusual color for a winter wedding but it looked lovely with the sage ribbon and the candle glow. mini calla brides bouquet for a winter wedding
unusual aisle decor for a winter wedding
bride and a mini calla bouquet in lavender


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When planning a wedding most people need to know how much do flowers cost, how much should I budget for? I saw a poster on a telephone pole today, bulldozer $75 per hour. How much does a plumber charge per hour, or the electrician or the Dr? How much does a florist charge per hour? I am not sure, I cant speak for every one but I can give some information of how long it takes to put flowers together for a wedding.
-initial consultation 2hrs
-writing a proposal 3 hrs
-second consultation and a meeting at the venue 2hrs
– approximate number of emails per wedding 86
-preparing and placing a flower order for the wholesaler 2 hrs
-pick up flower order drive time to and from wholesaler 4hrs
-clean and process flowers 6hrs
-clean and prepare containers 3hrs
-design time 30 hrs
-load van and drive to venue 2hrs
-set up ceremony and reception 3hrs
-wait until reception is over 6 hrs(we wont even count these)
-tear down decor and leave reception site as I found it 1hr
-unload van, wash buckets, put everything away, sweep etc 8hrs

OK lets say 75 hours for an average size wedding bride, 5 attendants, corsages, bouts, 15 centerpieces, ceremony flowers maybe a small arbor, cake flowers. That is 75 man hours!!!! Lets just say a designer needs to charge the low low rate of 25 per hour, a fraction of what other professionals charge, this comes to $1875 not including flowers. Just something to think about as you prepare your flower budget, there is so much more time involved other than just the arranging of the flowers.



cost of wedding flowers

Sneek Peek Seattle Wedding Show

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tulips, narcissus, daffodils, and yellow primroses for the seattle wedding show
spring flowers at the seattle wedding show for the farm kitchen

Today I was at the Seattle Wedding Show at the Seattle convention center setting up flowers for the Farm Kitchen. Their booth reflected the farm and its colors, and of course spring. We used buckets of spring flowers such as tulips, daffodils, primroses and   sunflowers. I know sunflowers are summer but the color was just right. We arranged  them in french flower buckets and placed them under a red farm table. The Farm Kitchen in Poulsbo is a beautiful place to get married.


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Which is greener organic flowers from South America or conventional flowers sent from Canada or California? Since there is not an organized flower growers association in WA the farmers come from all over the state and sell at various places, which requires driving sometimes hours. Maybe the local grower down the street doesn’t grow any white flowers or they aren’t available since the grower is small and all the flowers are needed for the farmers market. The logistics of getting good quality organic flowers in WA when you need them in the color you require, well it makes my head spin. So here is what we do.
-use the farmers close by that can deliver to my studio, when they have product available
-make arrangements with farmers outside our area to deliver in Seattle
-use whatever we can from our own organic garden
-fill in with flowers from Canada or California preferably organic

Here is a list of our other green practices:
– we compost all of our plant waste on site
-we discourage the use of floral foam, if we do, we reuse it for some other purpose
-we rent vases and props over and over
-ribbon is ironed and reused
-bio soap is used for washing buckets
-refrigerators are turned off when not in use

Please enjoy the photos of our compost, it may be ugly but it makes the garden grow.


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purple and green brides bouquet
seattle wedding flowers, brides maids bouquets
brides bouquet, bridesmaids bouquet, boutonniere, corsage, purple and green flowers
ceremony flowers, brides bouquet, bridesmaids bouquet, grooms boutonniere
purple bouquet, stock flowers, orchid bouquet, hydrangea bouquet
Sometimes I am only a small part of a couples wedding, but I like to think not unimportant. Elle and Chris wanted to stick with their budget no matter what and we did. I only make a brides bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages  for this couple and it was a pleasure. Select photography took beautiful photos on this chilly day in Seattle. The bride and groom did the decor for their reception using tons of green apples.