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When you think about fall colors usually orange and yellows and maybe some reds usually come to mind. If you look around most of the colors that we had in the summer are still with us only more mellow. For this large arrangement I used peach and dusty pink. Accented with dark foliage looks warm and toasty, perfect fall colors.

flowers in fall colors

Here is a wagon load of flowers before they are arranged. On the cart we have peach roses, coral roses, chocolate hypericum, dusty astillie, and passion vine.

fall arrangement in a wire basketThe finished arrangement with a few sprigs of foliage from my garden and a few apples. If we take our cues from nature some of the most beautiful floral combinations can happen.

Poulsbo Wedding

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My bride, Amy, has a love affair with ranunculus. So do I. We purchased as many blooms as budget would allow and then re used the ceremony vases for the wedding reception. The day was super hot and the sunny colors were just perfect. Amy and Josh were my fist couple to use my Chuppah, which had a family heirloom as a liner.cream bridal bouquet

aisle flowers and chuppah

ranunculus yellow and orange for an ailse

wedding party dressed in blue

airplane banner mozletov

Mazel Tov Amy and Josh

photo’s by northern lights photography


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This time of year when the weather gets cold and the leaves begin to turn bright colors, flowers seem to fade away. But there is hope for a stunning combination of flowers that we can get only during this fall season. Mums are a there best, hydrangeas turn luscious colors, berries and crabapples, herbs and rustic foliage, are just some of the autumn bounty we use to create floral arrangements. In out flower shop we look forward to the new flowers that are now just becoming available to us. Putting together a centerpiece and delivering it to a lucky person is pure joy.


Bad photo but you get the idea!


fall flowers for flower arrangements

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

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Here is another centerpiece perfect for the dinner table. We deliver daily to Bainbridge Island and Poulsbo. If you would like to send flowers to family or friends we would love to make something special.Autumn flowers delivered to your door.

Thanksgiving Flowers Delivered

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Rich fall colors are a great way to bring another layer to your Holliday table. The usual reds and yellows can be replaced with colors in the pink family. Their rich dusty colors are all around us this time of year.Highlight your Thanksgiving table with a lovely centerpiece delivered to you.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece

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It is a little early to think about Thanksgiving but I just have to show you a sample of a beautiful flower arrangement. We already have orders for this sweet arrangement to be delivered to Bainbridge Island for Thanksgiving dinner.

$35 + delivery


Birthday Flowers

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This might be a great flower arrangement for a birthday, or get well or even an anniversary. We deliver this kind of floral design everyday to Bainbridge Island and Poulsbo.


Bainbridge Island Flower Delivery

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A lovely summer arrangement perfect for a birthday or just because.bainbridge island florist
$40 delivered