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place cards for wedding tables
wheat grass place cards for weddings
place cards for wedding tables
place cards for wedding tables




The other day a bride asked what she could use as place cards, so I looked around the internet and found a few ideas. What do you think? After all the planning that goes into a wedding and all the details and decisions, the escort card takes a backseat during the wedding planning process. Although a Florist isn’t always charged with the creation of such a display at Melanie Benson Floral we like to at least offer inspiration. Below is a photo from a wedding at the Farm Kitchen.

rustic idea for place cards for a wedding

saleina marie photography

Herban Feast Wedding

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bride and groom arriving at herban feast wedding reception

john and joseph photography

Karen and Chuck are recent UW graduates and held their lovely Christmass wedding at the Catholic Church on the UW Campus. Karen needed to sick with the Chinese tradition of no white flowers for a wedding. She loves mini calla lilies and chrysanthemums so we chose mini callas for her bouquet and mums for the aisle decor. Lavender is an unusual color for a winter wedding but it looked lovely with the sage ribbon and the candle glow. mini calla brides bouquet for a winter wedding
unusual aisle decor for a winter wedding
bride and a mini calla bouquet in lavender


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where do roses for weddings come fromI am asked all the time “do you grow your own flowers” take a look at a whole sale house in San Francisco during the Valentines day season. Wow, hundred of stems of roses waiting to be arranged and delivered in time for Valentines Day takes a very large rose nursery or nurseries. On of my favorite parts of being a florist is selecting flowers every week at our local wholesale florist. We dont usually have this many roses to choose from but Valentines day is truly special when it comes to roses.
rose flowers for valentines day delivery
flowers and dozen roses for valentines day delivery


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When planning a wedding most people need to know how much do flowers cost, how much should I budget for? I saw a poster on a telephone pole today, bulldozer $75 per hour. How much does a plumber charge per hour, or the electrician or the Dr? How much does a florist charge per hour? I am not sure, I cant speak for every one but I can give some information of how long it takes to put flowers together for a wedding.
-initial consultation 2hrs
-writing a proposal 3 hrs
-second consultation and a meeting at the venue 2hrs
– approximate number of emails per wedding 86
-preparing and placing a flower order for the wholesaler 2 hrs
-pick up flower order drive time to and from wholesaler 4hrs
-clean and process flowers 6hrs
-clean and prepare containers 3hrs
-design time 30 hrs
-load van and drive to venue 2hrs
-set up ceremony and reception 3hrs
-wait until reception is over 6 hrs(we wont even count these)
-tear down decor and leave reception site as I found it 1hr
-unload van, wash buckets, put everything away, sweep etc 8hrs

OK lets say 75 hours for an average size wedding bride, 5 attendants, corsages, bouts, 15 centerpieces, ceremony flowers maybe a small arbor, cake flowers. That is 75 man hours!!!! Lets just say a designer needs to charge the low low rate of 25 per hour, a fraction of what other professionals charge, this comes to $1875 not including flowers. Just something to think about as you prepare your flower budget, there is so much more time involved other than just the arranging of the flowers.



cost of wedding flowers