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Lily of the Valley Bridal Bouquet

Posted on: January 5th, 2015 by melanie No Comments

One of my favorite flowers is Lily of the Valley, the quintessential flower of British wedding flowers. I had never seen one until we moved to a new home when I was about 12. A tiny patch bloomed by the front door every May, somewhat hidden by baby tears and camellia bushes. Now that I live on Bainbridge Island, where Lily of the Valley are easy to grow, my patch of flowers is spreading like mad. But if you want them in your brides bouquet they are still quite special.

The tiny white bells are sold in bunches of 10 with their bright green leaves, they wilt like mad and are super expensive. So  when a bride getting married in August wants a brides bouquet just like Catherine Middelton carried any florist would cringe just a little. But we are always up for a challenge especially if it is a flower close to our heart. For our version of the famous bouquet we used 80 stems of individually wired lilies, freesia, sweet william, myrtle and a few rose buds.

lily of the valley brides bouquet



sodo park wedding flowers

Of course we have may people to thank for such a wonderful day

A Beautiful Day Photography

MG Davis Events

SODO Park-Herban Feast


Winter Flowers

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During the winter so many of our favorite flowers are unavailable or so expensive we have to use the with care. So we look around at what nature has to offer during the season and so many things come to mind. Boxwood, cedar, fir, holly, mossy branches create a base of much loved texture for our precious blooms.


winter foliages, winter textures, small flower arrangement

For this  floral display we startled with a sweet mercury glass votive holder and filled it with privet berries, bay leaves, scented geranium, seeded eucalyptus and pieris japonica. That is five different textures in one small vase. Of course we needed flowers to finish it off with a few stems of the very special ranunculus and a smattering of spray roses.

christmas flower arrangement, winter flowers, send flowers


A birch bark tube is filled to overflowing with wintery textures, pine, fir, cones, privet berries, boxwood and pieris buds are a good start for the base of the unusual arrangement. To add some color we used mini green hydrangeas, white ranunculus, stargazer lilies, kale, roses, and peonies. We used candles hoping the recipient would light them for additional Christmas sparkle.

Our flower delivery page has more photos including prices for holiday arrangements. To send flowers on Bainbridge Island fill out out form, on our delivery page, or give us a call and we will make something magical for you or someone you love.


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Today and most days I think about my mom. She is not with us anymore and I miss her. But her spirit will never die she had  too much personality. She loved people and had embarrassing ways of saying things we called myraisms. Generous, glamorous, red head then blond, she kept in touch with old friends and family. I love to garden because of her and because I love to garden I love flowers. I made some flower arrangements with my mom in mind, here are a few.

flowers, mothers day flowers,

flowers, mothers day, delivery

flowers, mothers day, delivery

Spring Planters

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Right now any excuse to go to the nursery is fine with me. There are so many crazy flowers blooming right now it is hard to choose. We like to gather a few combinations of unusual bulbs and some different primroses and plant them in tins or boxes or maybe ceramic. They are perfectly fine outside but do well inside too.
flowers, spring bulbs, planter

planters, tin, flowers, spring flowers

Super sweet and super inexpensive, a box of primroses and a bit of pussy willow is just right.

spring daffodils , green ceramic, delivery, flowers, planters


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It’s not really spring, yet. Day after day the sky is grey so I thought we might need a little color. One of the first things to bloom in the winter are primroses. The yellow smell the best and are so bright they just called to me. We put a few plants in a box and tied it with a french linen ribbon. They are available for sale on the ledge just outside at Vintage Home and Garden here on Bainbridge Island.

flowers for the table, gift flowers, flowers delivered

Here is another photo of our sunny yellow flowers and a peek at our spring bouquets for sale at        Vintage Home and Garden

bouquets, cut flowers, boxes of primroses

A classic urn filled with yellow, spring green flowers are stunning on a black table.

glass vases, flower arrangement, spring flowers

More Christmas Flowers

Posted on: December 23rd, 2012 by melanie No Comments

Here is another arrangement we made for delivery to a family on Bainbridge Island. We used a birch bark tube filled with lots of seasonal greenery like holly, cedar, privet berries, pinecones and fir. Candles are perfect for a holiday table so we used three ivory candles and a wonderful selection of fresh flowers. Some of the flowers we used are peony, kale, roses, hydrangea and ranunculus. We go to the market and pick out our flowers so we area able to offer these wonderful blooms that no one else on the island has. We also offer flowers for sale or special order from Vintage Home and Gardenflowers, gift flowers, flower delivery, holiday flowers, send flowers bainbridge island in Lynwood Center. Its such a beautiful store full of vintage and some new treasures like velvet pillow shams.

Send Holiday Flowers

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Today we used pink and white for this Christmas arrangement. Its kind of fun to use pink since so many beautiful flowers are pink. Some of the grey/blue foliage that we use this time of year such as seeded eucalyptus and gin berries go so well with pink. The candle stick is grey as well and made from concrete. Vintage Home and Garden, a wonderful new store on Bainbridge Island, has them for sale. You can order flowers from them or call direst for a holiday delivery to Bainbridge or Poulsbo.white flowers, pink flowers, glitter pinecones, and native foliage arrangement

Christmas Flowers

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Here is a sweet little flower arrangement that would be perfect for a gift. Three of these flower arrangements down the middle of your table would be so pretty and festive. They are made in a small mercury glass vase that can be used as a votive holder as well as a vase. The flowers we used are all white roses, ranunculus, tulips, scented geranium and berries. Just one would make a lovely gift. We are busy in our flower shop and ready to deliver flowers to Bainbridge Island or Poulsbo.

flower arrangement, christmas gift, send flowers

Three of these arrangements are perfect as a holiday centerpiece.

Holiday Flowers

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Happy Holidays!

What a lovely surprise this would be for family or friends for the Christmas season. The flowers would be perfect for a Christmas dinner table or on a sideboard. The flowers we uses are a wonderful combination of burgundy shades and include peony, dahlia, ranunculus and a few berries. We combined all the flowers in a wintery birch bark box. The great thing about winter  arrangements is that the foliage lasts such a long time. As the flowers fade they can be taken out and replaced with new fresh blooms or the greens can be left to stand on their own. We would love to deliver this arrangement to Bainbridge Island or flowers, christmas flowers, christmas gift

Ranunculus cost plenty

Posted on: November 29th, 2012 by melanie No Comments

How much do flowers cost?

I love Peonies and I am getting married in September. My budget is really small and I want garden roses for my wedding.

What floral designer hasn’t heard these statements and sighed. Lots of flowers are available all year but like peonies in September the quality is questionable. They are not the fluffy to die for peonies that are around in June. They are also not the same price. I am going to offer you a photo of ranunculus that I took in my studio today. The blooms range from the size of a thumbnail to that of a half dollar.

So how much are these beauties, get ready for a shock! What you are looking at is $140 worth of ranunculus, wholesale. Seriously that is what I paid at the local wholesale florist. Wow!!

budget for flowers, ranunculus, wedding flowers, out of season flowers