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Pocketbook Friendly Wedding Flowers Become a Magical Garden Party

Posted on: February 11th, 2018 by melanie No Comments

We just love a garden wedding and this little gem is one of our favorites. Our budget conscious bride splurged on dreamy linens from La Tavola, rentals from Vintage Ambiance and a delicious brunch for 20 guests. When it came time to choose flowers she chose our Pocketbook Friendly wedding flowers because she knew they would be beautiful, fresh and keep her budget on point.

She chose our Lexy brides bouquet for its romantic garden roses and peonies, our Anna bridesmaids bouquets and a few boutonnieres for the personal flowers. Our Aisle Vases, one of our favorite choices, were used on the wedding reception tables after the ceremony. A mix of rustic tins and bottles finished off the look. The bride picked a few stems from the garden and placed those into vases she had and used some of the blooms as a napkin detail. There were lots of details in this wedding and the bride did a wonderful job of mixing french china and glass ware with rustic elements.

Some of the flower we used for this summer wedding were peonies for the brides bouquet, we were really luck to find this one bunch for her bouquet, dahlias, pincushion flowers, spray roses, alstromeria, stock, mint and a few other blooms. The color palate was blush with pops of fuchsia which went really well with the flowers blooming in the garden













































Pocketbook Friendly Wedding Flowers at Red Cedar Farm

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Red Cedar Farm in Poulsbo was the setting for this sweet wedding last spring. Our bride chose her personal flowers from our line of Pocketbook Friendly Flowers. We worked with our bride to select her favorite flowers including peonies and babies breath, MBF chose the other flowers from the freshest local blooms available to use in her Lexy brides bouquet. Kari chose dusty blush bridesmaids dresses for her girls and selected our most petit and affordable Myra bouquets for them to carry. Her groom and groomsmen wore boutonnieres of small white roses. Friend and family pitched in to create the ceremony and reception decor.

red cedar farm wedding, boutonnieres, groomsmen

pocketbook friendly brides bouquet

pocketbook friendly brides bouquet

petit, affordable brides maids bouquets


Jenny Storment Photography

Red Cedar Farm

Elegant Marries Dashing

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I was having trouble coming up with one word to describe Elizabeth, beautiful, classic, gracious but I think elegant encompasses all of those qualities. Then there is the groom well what can I say, dashing sums it up. Together they seem so right. elegant bride and a dashing groom

Grace church on Bainbridge Island with its distinct architecture and open spaces seemed like a perfect fit

Grace Church, Bainbridge Island wedding


white flowers at Grace Episcopal Church Bainbridge Island

font arrangement for Grace Church wedding

Elizabeth wows in her stunning wedding gown

Wedding gown and brides bouquet are a wow moment

white flowers for a bridal bouquet

White flowers including amaryllis, garden roses, ranunculus and grey foliage

neutral colors on the bridesmaids

petite bouquets for all the bridesmaids

petite  bouquets for all the bridesmaids

table flowers, centerpieces

wedding flowers, reception flowers

A little bit of color for the reception

Catalina Jean Photography

Super Cute DIY Centerpeices

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How about this for a super cute, super easy DIY project for your wedding. Leave the bottles in the pack for round tables or line them up for a long table. The pretty pink ranunculus are fairly expensive in the summer so try dahlias instead. Dahlias come in wonderful colors and have fun buds that should be incorporated into the arrangements. Get started early by collecting and painting your bottles. Dont wait until the night before to arrange your flowers, they will last a few days in the vases, just remove any wilted flowers as you set them on the tables.


table flowers, wedding centerpieces

Peach and grey wedding flowers

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Lots of brides this year want peach wedding flowers. Their bridesmaids are wearing grey and peach is a great color for a grey dress. Grey is a great neutral color that goes well with most all flowers. I painted my house grey for just that reason. For this wedding at the Manor House on Bainbridge Island we used peachy pink flowers with some creams and pale yellow.

boutioneere for a groom, grooms flowers

This boutonniere was made with silver brunea and bunytail grass.

brides bouquet of peach and white flowers

The brides bouquet was made from anemones, ranunculus, jasmine, hosta leaves and garden roses.

flowers for bride, groom, flower girl, ring bearer

flowers for a grey dress, brides flowers, brides maids bouquets

brides bouquet details

Ranunculus cost plenty

Posted on: November 29th, 2012 by melanie No Comments

How much do flowers cost?

I love Peonies and I am getting married in September. My budget is really small and I want garden roses for my wedding.

What floral designer hasn’t heard these statements and sighed. Lots of flowers are available all year but like peonies in September the quality is questionable. They are not the fluffy to die for peonies that are around in June. They are also not the same price. I am going to offer you a photo of ranunculus that I took in my studio today. The blooms range from the size of a thumbnail to that of a half dollar.

So how much are these beauties, get ready for a shock! What you are looking at is $140 worth of ranunculus, wholesale. Seriously that is what I paid at the local wholesale florist. Wow!!

budget for flowers, ranunculus, wedding flowers, out of season flowers

Bainbridge Island Country Wedding

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Bainbridge Island was the setting for this fun country Wedding. The old farm is a new wedding venue complete with a victorian house and a red barn. The brides family collect vintage silver pieces for over a year and planted them with succulents for the guest tables. We made all the bouquets from fun garden flowers to go with the vintage dresses. Boutonnieres were made from textures and wrapped with twine. The bride chose a short vintage dress which looked really great on her. Allison Lum did a great job, as always, coordinating every detail of the ceremony and reception. Stellar photographer Kristen Honeycutt captured all the best moments of the day

bride, groom, wedding ceremony, bainbridge island wedding, wedding flowers

brides bouquet, brides maids bouquets, garden rose bouquets

brides bouquet, rose bouquet, country wedding, vintage wedding

March Seattle

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Purple flowers and a bit of sparkle for her bridal bouquet is what our bride wanted for this early spring wedding. Fall is a great time to use eggplant as nature loves this color in the autumn. Flowers for the bouquet include anemones  lisianthus, parrot tulips, mini callas and scented geranium.brides bouquet with purple and eggplant flowers

Port Ludlow Summer Wedding

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A sunny summer day in Port Ludlow was the setting for this summer wedding.brides bouquet with cream flowersPort Ludlow wedding flowers Cream brides bouquet


Posted on: February 2nd, 2011 by melanie No Comments

When planning a wedding most people need to know how much do flowers cost, how much should I budget for? I saw a poster on a telephone pole today, bulldozer $75 per hour. How much does a plumber charge per hour, or the electrician or the Dr? How much does a florist charge per hour? I am not sure, I cant speak for every one but I can give some information of how long it takes to put flowers together for a wedding.
-initial consultation 2hrs
-writing a proposal 3 hrs
-second consultation and a meeting at the venue 2hrs
– approximate number of emails per wedding 86
-preparing and placing a flower order for the wholesaler 2 hrs
-pick up flower order drive time to and from wholesaler 4hrs
-clean and process flowers 6hrs
-clean and prepare containers 3hrs
-design time 30 hrs
-load van and drive to venue 2hrs
-set up ceremony and reception 3hrs
-wait until reception is over 6 hrs(we wont even count these)
-tear down decor and leave reception site as I found it 1hr
-unload van, wash buckets, put everything away, sweep etc 8hrs

OK lets say 75 hours for an average size wedding bride, 5 attendants, corsages, bouts, 15 centerpieces, ceremony flowers maybe a small arbor, cake flowers. That is 75 man hours!!!! Lets just say a designer needs to charge the low low rate of 25 per hour, a fraction of what other professionals charge, this comes to $1875 not including flowers. Just something to think about as you prepare your flower budget, there is so much more time involved other than just the arranging of the flowers.



cost of wedding flowers