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Healdsburg with Ariella Chezar part I

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I just spend a few day in my old home town of Healdsburg California. It was a week full of every emotion I could come up with form tears, I’m not sure why, to joy and fear. All this from a floral workshop and meeting up with old friends. I havent been back to Healdsburg in 12 years, it is a place that I consider a jumping off point for my new life leaving the old one behind. Even all these years later the place still has a profound effect on the way I see the world and how I feel about it. Then enter the new people, new friends in an old place and again my life has taked a turn. Maybe not so dramatic as before but still and experience and people I will never forget.

Floral Designers, nine of us is all, came together from around the country to attend a workshop with Ariella Chezar. Set in the rolling and warm dry hills Chalk Hill Clematis was our host and inspiration. Acres of flowers, vines, and shrubs were our to cut. We did, we cut buckets of them everyday. Chalk Hill grows clematis for the cut flower market and makes their own olive oil from the trees on the estate and balsamic vinegar that was so delicious with our lunches. flowers, ariella chezar


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Today and most days I think about my mom. She is not with us anymore and I miss her. But her spirit will never die she had  too much personality. She loved people and had embarrassing ways of saying things we called myraisms. Generous, glamorous, red head then blond, she kept in touch with old friends and family. I love to garden because of her and because I love to garden I love flowers. I made some flower arrangements with my mom in mind, here are a few.

flowers, mothers day flowers,

flowers, mothers day, delivery

flowers, mothers day, delivery