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Ranunculus cost plenty

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How much do flowers cost?

I love Peonies and I am getting married in September. My budget is really small and I want garden roses for my wedding.

What floral designer hasn’t heard these statements and sighed. Lots of flowers are available all year but like peonies in September the quality is questionable. They are not the fluffy to die for peonies that are around in June. They are also not the same price. I am going to offer you a photo of ranunculus that I took in my studio today. The blooms range from the size of a thumbnail to that of a half dollar.

So how much are these beauties, get ready for a shock! What you are looking at is $140 worth of ranunculus, wholesale. Seriously that is what I paid at the local wholesale florist. Wow!!

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Summer Reception

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We showed a lovely summer ceremony the other day, here is the reception. Blush, peach, pink and a bit of lavender made for beautiful wedding flowers at the Fram Kitchen. Burlap table runners were a nice contrast and added texture to the ivory linens. Flowers from the aisle were placed on the tables and we added sweet little arrangements made in bottles. Succulents in rustic tin cans and hobnail votive holders were a great addition to eclectic look. The bride is a German teacher so all the tables were numbered in german. It is alway a great idea to personalize your wedding is someway that is meaningful to you but is also enjoyed by your guests and adds to the decor.

roses, lavender, stock, reception centerpieces.

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A huge thanks to Stacey Jacobsen for the photos.

Winter Color

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Winter colors, we usually think white for snow, red and green for Christmas and blue for Hanukah. But what about a little bit different color pallet? For this Winter arrangement we used a bit of lavender. The color blends so well with silver and gold, brown and green. Most of the foliages and textures in these bouquet are so sturdy that the arrangement could be fresh looking for weeks. A perfectly wonderful Christmas gift.

birch logs, winter flowers, Holliday flowers


This floral centerpiece is made in a birch log with just a touch of lavender. Perfect for a long Christmas table.

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$55 delivered

We love this winter look for flower arrangements, made with all kinds of textures and sweet fragrance.


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I love the Farm Kitchen. Well I am kind of a country girl, but the relaxed beauty of the farm is so very charming. Photographers always take advantage of the multiple photo ops and Stacey Jacobsen of Love Study Photography is no exception.She took the seriously

amazing photos this summer. My lovely bride is a german teacher and named all her table in german, which took me a minute to understand. We chose pink flowers with touches of lavender, yellow crespedia and succulents. Burlap runners, with standard white table linens and inexpensive chairs can dramatically not enhance the decor. I think this is truly an exception with the overall look very pretty, not to girly and very warm and kitchen, wedding, wedding flowers, melanie benson floral

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Reception photos next. Thanks Emily from Manette Gracie wedding planning.

More Fall Flowers

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I was asked to make a little flower arrangements for a fundraiser today. I gathered up bits of different foliage and a few hydrangeas for the base. Terra cotta glazed green was a good choice for the container since fall flowers always seem kind of casual, like leaves in the garden. Peachy roses add traditional color, a few lady apples for fun and we have a perfectly sweet arrangement for fall.

peach roses, purple hydreangeas, rose hips in a terra cotta container

If you cant be with family this Thanksgiving why not send a lovely centerpiece for the holiday table. In our Bainbridge Island studio we are busy making flower arrangements that would suit a round or rectangle table. There is no charge for delivery to Bainbridge Island or Poulsbo, so your dollars are spent on the flowers only.

Bainbridge Island Country Wedding

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Bainbridge Island was the setting for this fun country Wedding. The old farm is a new wedding venue complete with a victorian house and a red barn. The brides family collect vintage silver pieces for over a year and planted them with succulents for the guest tables. We made all the bouquets from fun garden flowers to go with the vintage dresses. Boutonnieres were made from textures and wrapped with twine. The bride chose a short vintage dress which looked really great on her. Allison Lum did a great job, as always, coordinating every detail of the ceremony and reception. Stellar photographer Kristen Honeycutt captured all the best moments of the day

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Does anyone ever send you flowers? They never send them to me, but that is probably a good thing. This time of year is a great time to send someone you maybe owe a thank you to some flowers. I have recent customer send a thank you combination Thanksgiving floral arrangement to some friends that have been good to her. She has been putting off sending a note and had the great idea of combining both thank you and Holiday. A Centerpiece for the holiday table or something for the foyer is always so appreciated.

Each week we go to the flower market and select flowers personally  Most flower shops order over the phone but we like to go and see all the wonderful and unusual flowers we can find. Even thought this takes many hour each week it is an important part of what we offer.

Some samples of what we make in our Bainbridge Island flower shop.

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A perfectly set table needs flowers

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Sometimes it is a good idea to send flowers. Just flowers, no vase, just a bouquet. Maybe the recipient already has a large collection of vases or enjoys arranging flowers themselves. Even if this in not the case most people love to receive a bouquet of fresh flowers delivered right to their door. Having flowers delivered without a vase or professionally arranged is a great value, more for your money. What we do is gather together the freshest seasonal flowers in a lovely hand tied bouquet, wrap them in papper, then bind all with a bow. Perfection.cut flowers, seasonal flowers, bouquet, floral bouquet