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primrose one of the first flowers of spring

tiny yellow primrose

foxglove flowers
early spring flowers
bright yellow forsythia an early spring flower
Every January I think to myself one more month and we will start to have flowers in the garden again. February is a time when things start to bloom, plum blossom, daffodils, tulips come up, lilac buds start to swell. Here are a few photos of spring flowers that are available now from our wholesaler.


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Which is greener organic flowers from South America or conventional flowers sent from Canada or California? Since there is not an organized flower growers association in WA the farmers come from all over the state and sell at various places, which requires driving sometimes hours. Maybe the local grower down the street doesn’t grow any white flowers or they aren’t available since the grower is small and all the flowers are needed for the farmers market. The logistics of getting good quality organic flowers in WA when you need them in the color you require, well it makes my head spin. So here is what we do.
-use the farmers close by that can deliver to my studio, when they have product available
-make arrangements with farmers outside our area to deliver in Seattle
-use whatever we can from our own organic garden
-fill in with flowers from Canada or California preferably organic

Here is a list of our other green practices:
– we compost all of our plant waste on site
-we discourage the use of floral foam, if we do, we reuse it for some other purpose
-we rent vases and props over and over
-ribbon is ironed and reused
-bio soap is used for washing buckets
-refrigerators are turned off when not in use

Please enjoy the photos of our compost, it may be ugly but it makes the garden grow.


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purple and green brides bouquet
seattle wedding flowers, brides maids bouquets
brides bouquet, bridesmaids bouquet, boutonniere, corsage, purple and green flowers
ceremony flowers, brides bouquet, bridesmaids bouquet, grooms boutonniere
purple bouquet, stock flowers, orchid bouquet, hydrangea bouquet
Sometimes I am only a small part of a couples wedding, but I like to think not unimportant. Elle and Chris wanted to stick with their budget no matter what and we did. I only make a brides bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages  for this couple and it was a pleasure. Select photography took beautiful photos on this chilly day in Seattle. The bride and groom did the decor for their reception using tons of green apples.

Port Gamble Wedding

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alter arrangement, port gamble ceremony flowers, orange ceremony flowers
roses, ranunculus and mini calla brides bouquet
summer flowers for a wedding in port gamble
Bride enjoying her bouquet and alter flowers at Port gamble
bride getting ready in port gamble church
Megan and Chris were married on a very beautiful day this summer. The ceremony took place in Port Gamble at Saint Catherine”s Church.

After the ceremony the entire crowd moved the brides grandparents for a night of celebration. I made bouquets for the bride and bridesmaids out of rich summer colors that the bride loves. Red, orange, eggplant and gold are the colors the bride chose. Melanie Benson Floral also made a lare alter arrangement that contrasted nicely with the blue walls of the Port Gamble Church. Friends and family enjoyed a reception at the home of the rides grandparents. We delivered the large arrangement which we used on the buffet.

photos Paul Dudley Photography


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Check out Patricia and all her sparkle goodness. A must have for any would be princess.


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Sometimes its hard to get photos. I am not the photographers client and after the wedding, well newly weds are just plain busy with their new life. Melissa and Christian were married in 2009 here are some of the photos.