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I know we are so over Thanksgiving and on to Christmas colors, but I just found this…..autumn flowers from Quince

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I found this on married and more with Michelle , just had to share it


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this looks like a wedding cake but its for cards. I love it, this bride thought of so many things that really made her wedding special.


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In her gloved hands she held a loop of velvet cord. Suspended from the cord was a mass of ruffly pink carnations their sweet cinnamon scent filled my imagination, the fragrance enhanced by the coolness of the floral refrigerator. Cindy, the big girl from across the street was in her sisters wedding, I’ll never forget it.


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This very fun family wedding was held this summer in a gorgeous backyard of the brides parents. So many friends and family came near and very far to join in the happy union. There was no place to park but Melody Davis of mgdavisevents dreamed up a yellow school bus that was a hit with everyone. Della Chen took the fab photos, more later.


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People ask me all the time where I get my flowers. They come from a wholesaler in Seattle or I order them on line from vendors I have used for years. But sometimes I pick them from my garden. I will never be able to grow 100 stems of white roses but I can go out and pick some chocolate foliage or maybe a few blue hydrangeas. When , like the other day I didn’t receive the chocolate cosmos I ordered , they were in the garden. I also need beauty, so my surroundings are always being pushed in a way I dream of. Next door neighbors are impatient with my progress but gardens are living art and this takes time